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IBEX Partners Launches Corporate Awards and Rankings Practice

Unique Service Offering Bolsters and Protects Corporate Reputation Amid Growing Scrutiny of Business Claims and Promotion

WASHINGTON, D.C., (Aug. 16, 2022) – IBEX Partners (IBEX), a Washington, D.C.-based communications and public affairs consultancy, today announced the launch of an Awards and Rankings (A&R) practice that customizes A&R strategies to help corporations achieve business objectives and enhance corporate reputation.


Recent court decisions and rulemaking by federal agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission and the Securities & Exchange Commission signal far greater scrutiny of marketing and advertising claims made by businesses and brands. In this environment, credible third-party endorsement, recognition, and awards take on a far greater urgency – and can mitigate against material financial risk.


“Outside recognition is essential to boosting a company’s credibility and armoring its reputation with its stakeholders. That is just as true for its employees and recruits as for external stakeholders like regulators, investors, and consumers,” said IBEX Managing Partner Michael Sessums. “Corporate reputation is increasingly tied to financial performance.  A strong A&R program protects reputation and girds against material financial risk.”


Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 9.24.20 AM.png

The IBEX Awards & Rankings practice brings four specialized capabilities to clients:


  • Expertise.  The IBEX team has a track record of helping Fortune 500 corporations secure numerous prominent awards and improved analyst rankings;

  • Insight. With thousands of awards and ratings options to consider, IBEX customizes an A&R strategy to help each client win and boost its reputation;

  • Assessment.  Deep experience gives the IBEX team unparalleled insight into how to build winning award submissions;

  • Execution. Our team of skilled researchers and writers know how to bring a client’s best work to life. The results: award wins, improved rankings, enhanced reputation.


“The A&R landscape is vast, varied, and often confusing for the uninitiated. It’s critical then to work with an experienced partner, one that understands that every corporation is unique, and that one-size does not fit all when it comes to building an A&R program,” said Marsha Pund, IBEX Vice President and A&R practice lead. “Our proven record combines sound strategy with incomparable execution, and that means business results for our clients.”


About IBEX Partners

IBEX Partners is a Washington, D.C.-based public affairs and corporate communications firm that brings together and deploys bespoke client teams of best-in-field professionals when and where they are needed, and to scale according to client requirements. Our core expertise crosses major industry sectors including chemical manufacturing, public utilities, transportation and infrastructure, technology, entertainment, and energy. We build and execute communications and advocacy campaigns for corporate, governmental, industry association, and NGO clients designed to build and protect their reputations, anticipate and prepare for crisis, and advance their business and policy objectives.

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